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Account Management Overview

Page Background: In this document, we would discuss account management and the related functions that are available in the same.

How to access Account Management:

In order to access the account management you need to go to the following URL:

http:// account

You need to have an account under this section, before you can access the account management features. If you are not logged in you would be redirected to login or signup page.

Account Dashboard:

This is the account management dashboard and is the default page as shown in the screenshot below:

The sections available under the account management dashboard are as follows:

Active Subscriptions & Services

This is the first part of the dashboard and shows only Active subscriptions and services that you have purchased.

The legends/categories available under this section are as follows:

  • IDHub - This denotes that you have an active IDHub cloud or IDHub OnPrem Subscriptions

  • Implementation - This denotes that you have purchased and have an Implementation service

  • Support - This denotes that you have purchased and have an active support service

You can click on any card and that will lead you to the detail page of that subscription or service.

The cards shown in this section basically show the following information:

  • Pricing & Billing Cycle

  • Due Date for the next invoice

  • No. of users available for the purchased IDHub license.


This section of the dashboard shows the latest invoices for your purchases. You can also click on the “View All” link at the top, which will take you to the invoice listing page.

The invoice card will show you the following information:

  • Invoice item name

  • Invoice price

  • Invoice generated date

  • Invoice ID

  • Invoice status

    • Outstanding

    • Paid

    • Void

You can also click on the Invoice card here, which will take you to the invoice details page.

Other Sections

  • Links

    • This shows you the most important links that might be relevant to you. Currently, links to IDHub Support and Purchasing IDHub are shown.
  • Notices

    • Any important notices will be shown over in this section.

Left Hand Side Menu

Menu ItemMenu Description
SubscriptionThis section shows you all the purchased or cancelled subscriptions
InvoicesThis shows you the list of all invoices and related details of the invoice
ServicesThis shows you all the active/in-active services and the related action for the same.
QuotesThis shows you all the quotes that you have generated and the related actions on the quote.
BackupThis section provides you the ability to backup and restore your tenant data.
OrganizationThis section provides you the ability to add new users and manage them.