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Create New Tenants

To get started with IDHub, a new tenant should be created.

To start IDHub, the first user, which is the account admin, will need to create a new tenant for themselves in their self hosted environment. To do that, below steps are needed to be performed.

After installing IDHub, navigate to the Registration and Setup page.

Navigate to https:// idhub.fqdn /idhub/admin.

Procure Tenant Admin Login Password

After Navigating to https:// idhub.fqdn/idhub/admin, you will be asked to enter the Tenant Login Password.

Setup Step 1: Register Account in IDHub

Fill out the Register form.

It is to be noted that:

  • The username entered will be used for login, and should be written down and remembered.

  • The Password entered should be the same as the Confirm Password.

Setup Step 2: License Activation and Validation

Currently, IDHub provides two types of licenses; a free 30-day trial license and annual licenses.

If you have purchased a plan or received a free trial license key, enter the license key information.

In the event license validations are unsuccessful, contact our IDHub Team for more information.

Setup Step 3: Terms and Conditions

After validating your license, the final step is the terms and conditions section.

Accept the terms and conditions of the agreement to continue. You can also download the terms and conditions in pdf format for your records.

Setup Step 4: Review Summary and Start Installation

Finally, review the summary of your account and plan to obtain a licensed installed instance of IDHub, which will be ready for setup.

  • Once the install is completed, you will automatically be redirected to the IDHub login page, where you can enter your credentials which were used on the Register Page.

Next Steps

At this point, you should have successfully installed IDHub, as well as logged into IDHub, as the first user.

You can now start setting up your organization, by doing the following activities:

  • On-Boarding Users:

    • Keycloak Setup

    • Establish connection with a connector

  • On-boarding Applications

  • Setting up new Roles

  • Request for Roles and Applications

  • Create other Administrators