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Login to tenant management portal

Page Background:

In this document, we will talk about how to log in to the tenant management portal.

How to Access this page:

For accessing the tenant management portal, you need to go to the URL mentioned below:



  • [FQDN] with your IDHub URL.
Procure Tenant Admin Password

Run the following command in your terminal:

kubectl -n [NAMESPACE]  exec -it svc/backend-tenant-management -- sh -c "cat /vault/secrets/*"

This is the login page for the tenant management portal. Here you need to enter the tenant management password and click the LOGIN button to go to the tenant management page.

Tenant Management Portal

After successfully logging into the tenant management portal, you will see the following page:

As is shown in the screenshot above this page shows the following action buttons:

  • Create Tenant

    • This allows you to create a new tenant for your organisation
  • Create Sample Tenant

    • This allows you to create a new tenant with sample data in the IDHub instance

You can also restrict new tenant creation by checking the option “Restrict New Tenant Creation”

Tenant List

The next section of the page shows the list of tenants that has been created and their related information. The details to be offered for each tenant and individual actions are as follows:

  • Tenant Name

  • Company Email

  • Status (Active/Inactive)

  • Actions

Actions possible for each tenant in the tenant list

  • Tenant URL

    • When the user clicks on the icon, the user would be redirected to the Tenant URL login page for that tenant
  • Delete Tenant

    • This allows you to delete the tenant
  • Backup

    • This allows you to create the backup for the tenant.