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Location Based Restriction

Page Background: In this document we would talk about the Location based restriction in terms of the user authentication mechanism.

What is Location based Restriction

Users in a given geographic region may easily use (or limit access to) IDHub thanks to location-based restrictions. It is crucial to offer your customers a backup authentication option when employing a location-based limitation authentication mechanism since there may be situations when it fails. For instance, if you wish to grant access to IDHub to all users in a particular state, territory, nation, or other comparable geographic region, this authentication approach is the best choice.

To lessen unwanted access, you can restrict access to users with location-based access blocks. When it's necessary to keep your business safe and avoid getting in the way of your users, you may implement the appropriate access controls. For instance, access to IDHub is prohibited when location restrictions are enabled in a user's profile and the user attempts to sign in from a forbidden area.

The location is determined by the public IP address users provides to IDHub

Use Cases for Location based restrictions

  • Requiring users who access a service while not connected to the corporate network to provide multifactor authentication.

  • Blocking users from particular nations or areas from using a service.

How does Location based restriction authentication mechanism work?

Location based restriction authentication mechanism authorises a user’s access based on the location assigned to their IP address. When a user's location assigned to their IP address is found to fall within the locations defined by you, they are able to access IDHub.

Things to note and remember:

  • It's possible that users on or close to the designated geographic border won't be geolocated correctly. A user near a state border, for instance, could appear to be in the adjoining state.

  • Users connecting from an IP associated with a service hosted in the cloud will be geolocated using the IP provided to them by the cloud provider, which may be associated with a different location.

  • For users who browse websites primarily using mobile devices, the IP address allocated to their device may change often, resulting in inconsistent experiences.

  • It is impossible to geolocate IP addresses that have been declared as private.

This feature is currently not available and will be there in a future release of IDHub.