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Best Practices to use Tags

IDHub allows you to use tags for entitlements or applications for better searching and other scenarios. In this document, we would elaborate on some guidelines and best practices to add tags.

Use tags for robust searching

When you add tags for your application / entitlement, then make sure that you add the tags which help in more robust searching for the application / entitlement. When someone is searching for the items from the manage catalog or the search catalog, tags can be of great use and the search results are displayed accordingly.

Access reviews (Certification) & Tags

You can also create access reviews or certifications based on the tags. You can create a condition for an access review of the application / entitlements based on the tags. For example: Create an access review for all the entitlements which has tags ‘gsuite’. Therefore when you add tags, keep in mind that those tags can also be used to create access reviews as well.

Tags & Workflow

Based on the tags, you can add conditions in the workflow (or nodes) so that your requests for the item can be customized based on that tags. For instance: If there is a change in some business process of your organization and you need to customize the workflow, then you can edit the workflow and add a condition in the workflow based on the tags. Therefore you need to consider this scenario as well, while adding tags for the application / entitlement.