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Access Request Overview

IDHub Access Request module is a powerful tool to get access to the right resource real-time

Benefits of IDHub Access Request module

  • Reduction of onboarding time for new employees
  • Quick project based / client based searches
  • Service requests for user profile modifications
  • Tag based - attribute based deep analytics and searches

Features & availability of IDHub Access Request Module

  • Usage Effort - Easy to use
  • Basic & Advanced searches - Basic & Advanced searches available for easy of finding an item
  • UI customization - Custom search view based on rules are available
  • Multi Account Request - You can request for multiple accounts for an item
  • Track Request - IDHub provides for complete functionality for you to track and view status of your requests
  • Requesting for others - You can request items for yourself and for someone else as well
  • Auto populating forms - IDHub auto-populates forms for new user accounts in applications & entitlements
  • Advanced Filters - Intuitive and user friendly filters are available to help you narrow down the items that you want to request access.
  • Dynamic tagging - Tag based catalog item segregation and categorisation are available
  • Mobile support - Fully mobile responsive
  • Website requirements - No website required, Share links through mobile browsers
  • IDHub support - Yes, use report a problem feature of IDHub to connect with dev team
  • Compliance - HIPAA and PCI Compliant search displays