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Compliance & IDHub

What is compliance?

Compliance is basically confirming certain standards and regulations set by your industry. Compliances differ based on the industry that your business or organization operates. IDHub enables your organizations to confirm and adhere to your industry standard regulations and compliances thereby removing the need for additional monitoring or policy requirements for compliance adherence.

What are the different types of compliance?

Compliance can be of different types and varieties. For example, certain compliances are regional or user privacy-based observances like GDPR and certain other compliances can be very specific to a certain industry. For instance: HIPAA is a very powerful compliance standard used in the health industry. PCI-DSS is another popular compliance standard that you must adhere to if you are operating in the finance industry. Therefore it can be concluded that the compliance standards can be generic or very industry-specific based on the scope of the regulatory standards that your organization is operating.

How can IDHub help you confirm compliance and regulations?

IDHub helps you to confirm to regulations and compliance as it offers the following functionalities which enables you to confirm to those regulations without any additional overhead.

  • Segregation of Duty
  • User activity and reporting
  • Certification
  • Managing User Access
  • Role Based Access Control