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Access Management Overview

IDHub Access Management module is a robust and potent way for you to onboard, manage, provision and synchronize applications and entitlements. IDHub also provides you with some advanced App features such as schedulers, multi-account provisioning etc in order to cater to some of the more complicated scenarios.

Benefits of IDHub Access Management module

  • Wizard-based and quick onboarding of connected and disconnected apps

  • Ability to customize and use your own custom forms in apps

  • Set your own Risk Scores and privileges for apps

  • Ability to add or fetch all entitlements for an app

  • Using tags and app-level permissions for more granular access to resources

  • Hierarchical view of Entitlements (feature coming soon)

  • Ability to bulk-upload all your applications at one go.

  • Advanced App features

Features & availability of IDHub Access Management Module

  • Build An app - IDHub provides a user-friendly wizard-based way of onboarding your connected as well as disconnected apps

  • Set up App Attributes - You can easily set up your application attributes and customize app approvals as well.

  • Custom forms - For your unique business needs, IDHub gives you the ability to customize and create your own custom form and use it in the application

  • Manage Apps - Retire, disable/enable apps as per your needs

  • Setting Risk Scores and Privileges - In your organization, some apps have a higher risk score than others. In order to cater to these scenarios, IDHub provides you with the ability to set your own risk scores and privileges for the applications.

  • Multi-Account scenarios - Whether you have multi-account apps or single-account apps, IDHub caters to both the scenarios

  • Fetch Entitlements - IDHub provides an easy way to add or fetch all entitlements for an app

  • Use of tags & Entitlement approvals - You can use tags for entitlements and also each entitlement has its own set of approval workflow, therefore you have a granular way of managing app-level permissions as well.

  • Bulk-Upload - Have too many applications to onboard. No problem! IDHub allows you to bulk-upload all your applications in one go.

  • Application Provisioning & De-provisioning - You can easily provision (account create), de-provision (revoke) and update accounts for your applications

  • App Synchronization - Want to synchronize accounts from your target system to IDHub or vice-versa? IDHub provides one-click application synchronizations. Also if your target system is a source of truth and is a trusted application, in that case, accounts would be created when synchronization is run.