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Managing Role

Once you create your role definition, IDHub enables you to take further actions on the same. In this document we would elaborate on all the actions that you can take on the role .

How to do Manage my Role

In order to manage the role that you have created and to take actions on the same, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Go to ‘Manage Catalog' in the Admin Module of IDHub using the credentials of a user that has the role of 'System Administrator' with them.
  • Click on the Roles tab
  • Upon reaching the roles list page, you have two options:
    • You can click on the role card to view the details page of the role and from there you can take actions on the role
    • You can take actions on the role from the role list page itself by clicking on the more options.

Let’s go into further details about the actions that you can take on the role.

Understanding that actions for the role

  • Edit
    • This lets you modify the role definition. Click here to learn more about modifying roles.
  • Disable/Enable
    • This lets you disable/enable the role.
  • Export JSON
    • This will export a JSON file with the role details.
  • Retire Role
    • This will retire the role.
  • If you disable a role, then users would not be able to search for the role and request access to the role even if the role is requestable.
  • For a disabled role, birth-right provisioning will not be done
  • You can re-enable a disabled anytime.
  • If you retire a role, the role will be deleted from your tenant.