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Fulfillment Workflow

This out of the box workflow is used in the provisioning of Disconnected Applications. This generates a Fulfillment task which can be either approved or rejected by the Fulfiller.

How To Access the Fulfillment Workflow

  • Go to ‘Workflow' in the Admin Module of IDHub using the credentials of a user that has the role of 'System Administrator' with them.
  • You will see the Fulfillment workflow in the workflow page.

How to view/edit the Fulfillment Workflow

  • Click on the edit (pencil icon) on the Fulfillment Workflow card from the Workflow page.

How the Fulfillment Workflow works

  • The Fulfillment workflow starts with the State Node (Request Submitted)
  • Start Node (Action node) is the 2nd node, which states that the request workflow has been started
  • In the next step, Fulfillment Task needs to be generated. Therefore Create Task operation node is used here to generate the Fulfillment task.
  • Now the request is waiting for the Fulfilller to take action on the task generated. Waiting For approval state node is put here to denote the state of the request.
  • Now from here, either the request can be rejected by the fulfiller or the request can be approved.
    • In case of Rejection flow:
      • Reject Action node is provided and then the Request Completed state node to denote that the request is completed.
    • In case of Approval Flow:
      • Approve action node is for the fulfiller to approve the task
      • Complete Request operation node to complete the request
      • Request completed state node to denote that the request has been completed once the fulfiller has approved the request.