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Remove User

User Remove is used in IDHub to remove user data from IDHub tenant. This action is not reversible unlike ‘Disable User’ and users will not longer be able to use IDHub to perform any functions. The removed users are not considered as part of count of users allowed from license plan as well.

Users can be removed in IDHub via service request.

How to Remove User in IDHub

  • To Remove Users via Service Request

Remove User via Service Request

Requesting For Remove User Service

  • Who can request? - Any user can request for a user remove from this service for self or other users in the organisation
  • How it can be requested? - From Search Catalog ‘Service’ Tab, option to add to cart will be present.
  • What is the approval process? - After requesting, the request goes to the System Administrator for approval. Once approved by an admin from task page, all details regarding the user are wiped out from tenant database

Managing Disabled/Enable User Service

  • Manage Service : IDHub has a section named ‘Services’ in Admin Module. This section helps in managing user life cycle features of IDHub. The Services uses a form and a workflow to complete its action. To know more about Services, go to Services section (Link to be added later).
  • Manage Custom Form : IDHub has a section named ‘Custom Form’ in Admin Module. This section lists all custom forms that are used at various placed in IDHub. Form Name - ‘Remove User’ can be viewed or edited as needed to maintain organisation specific customizations.

It is advisable not to add additional form attributes in this service as modifying the existing attribute may break the remove flow if modified incorrectly.

Things affected on Remove User

  • User Data is removed from tenant
  • All open user requests are withdrawn
  • All open user tasks are moved to its manager or system default manager
  • All group tasks claimed are released
  • All user proxies are removed
  • All user accounts and entitlements are moved to de-provisioning
  • All user roles are removed
  • Resources where the user was an owner gets reassigned to its manager or system default manager
  • User is removed from Certifiers and alternate certifiers from all certification definitions
  • All open certification requests assigned to removed user are withdrawn
  • Removed user if present in anyone’s cart is removed
  • Direct Report manager is changed to removed user’s manager.