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De-Provisioning Disconnected Application

Account De-Provisioning (or user de-provisioning) is a process of revoking access to an appilcation. This document would elaborate on how you can do the de-provisioning for Disconnected Applications.


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Remove Access to the Application

The first step of the de-provisioning is to request for removing access to the application.


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IDHub would generate the request for the same. You can also track the requests.


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Managing Tasks

Tasks would be generated for the request as per the workflow of the application request. Users need to take action on the tasks.


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De-Provisioning of the User Account

The last step for the de-provisioning is for the Fulfiller to approve the fulfilment task and to remove the account from the target system. IDHub would generate a Fulfillment task and the fulfiller has to approve the task and then remove the account from the target system.