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Provisioning Connected Applications

IDHub allows you to provision user accounts for Connected Applications. IDHub does automated provisioning of accounts based on the connector. In this document we would elaborate how you can do the automated provisioning for connected applications.


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Request Access to the Connected Application

The first step of the provisioning is to request access to the application.


To learn more about, how you can request access to an application, Click here

IDHub would generate the request for the same. You can also track the requests.


To learn more about tracking requests, Click here

Managing Tasks

Tasks would be generated for the request as per the workflow of the application request. Users need to take action on the tasks.


To learn more about managing and taking action on tasks, Click here

Automated Provisioning of User Account

Now, IDHub based on the Account JSON file, would do automatic provisioning of account in the target system.

Account JSON file is related to the onboarding of the connector. To learn more about onboarding steps of the connector, Click here

For Example: As can be seen in the screenshot below:

The request is for the Entra ID Application, the request has been submitted for a user and IDHub has done the automated provisioning for the user.


Batch provisioning is possible in case of connected apps as well. If you have large number of users for whom you need to provision, then you can easily do so by using this feature. In order to batch provisioning, you just need to add all those users to the cart and then request access to the connected application.


You can also do the Modify Account And Multi Account Provisioning for disconnected applications as well. Please click here to learn more about it.