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Provisioning Failed Scenarios

There are many scenarios in which provisioning for the account for applications might fail. This document would elaborate on some of the common scenarios for failed provisioning.

Existing Entitlements in the Target System

If an account has been revoked from the target system, however, the account has an Entitlement in the target system for the account. In this scenario, when reconciliation or provisioning is done again for the account, then it will fail, this is because IDHub would try to create the same entitlement in the target system for the account, but since the entitlement is already there in the target system, this will result in an error. To prevent this type of scenario, make sure when the account is revoked from your target system, then all the Entitlements associated with the account are also removed and there are no existing entitlements for the accounts in the target system.

Connector is down

If the connector is down, then also provisioning will fail for the account. In connector-down scenarios, you need to onboard the connector again or fix the broken connector configuration.


IDHub would provide notifications, if the connector is down.

Wrong data type entered for the required fields For Provisioning

While provisioning for the account, if you enter the wrong data for the required fields i.e. there is a mismatch between the data type that is entered and the required data type for the fields, then this will result in the failing of the provisioning for the account.

In order to prevent this case, you need to make sure that when you are provisioning the account, you enter the correct data as per the data type of the required fields required for creating an account in the target system.

Existing Account in the Target system

If there is already an existing account in the target system and IDHub tries to re-create the same account, then also this will result in failure of the provisioning for the account. In order to avoid this scenario, make sure that the account you are provisioning doesn’t exist in your target system.

Target system down

If the target system is down Or inaccessible for any reason, then account provisioning would fail as well. Therefore before you start the provisioning for the account from the IDHub side, make sure that your target system is up and running, this way you can prevent this type of provisioning fail scenario.

Modifying Account Provisioning Issues

When you modify an account and while modifying the account if you enter the wrong data for the required fields (i.e. there is a data mismatch) or the mandatory fields are missing and other such scenarios, then the provisioning for the modification of the account would fail.