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Provisioning Advanced Scenarios

This document would elaborate on some of the more complex/advanced scenarios for the provisioning of accounts in applications.

License Management while Provisioning

You might need to manage your licenses when provisioning accounts in your target system. Let’s understand this scenario by taking an example.

Jira User Provisioning

IDHub lets you manage your user licenses across your applications as well, like Jira. There are inherent logics of licenses added in your target system which is usually based on the plans that you have in the target system. This logic might be for instance: The maximum number of users allowed for the instance.

In Idhub you can request accounts for these applications and you can manage them as well. Therefore when you provision an account in Jira from IDHub, a new account is created in JIRA, however, the license for the user needs to be activated as well. For the activation of the user’s license, you can modify the workflow of the application in IDHub and add a node which will call the Jira API to activate the license of the new user.


To learn more about workflows, Click here.

Create Tickets to Service Desk for Provisioning

There can be scenarios where you need to create a service desk ticket when you provision an account in the target system. IDHub allows you to create the service desk automatically when the account is provisioned in the target system.

In order to do this, you will have to add a node in the workflow of the application. For this, you can either create a new custom workflow of the application or modify the existing workflow and then add the Create Ticket node to the workflow.


To learn more about adding a new workflow Click Here and customizing an existing workflow, Click here

In the create ticket node you will be able to choose the platform (Jira, ZendDesk,ServiceNow). You have the ability to add this Create Ticket Node at any step of the workflow. This will make sure that when the account is provisioned for the application associated with this workflow, IDHub would create a ticket for this accordingly.