About Sath Inc.

Sath Inc. was founded in 2003 as a Managed Service Provider for fortune enterprise organizations.

In 2021 Sath launched IDHub. IDHub is an Advanced Identity and Access Management Solution that enhances and expands advanced IAM features not available anywhere else.

Sath's goal is to provide the security benefits of IAM to every organization that desperately needs it, regardless of size.


Our Awards


IDHub A Trending Startup

IDHub listed in the Trended Startup on July 22nd along with Platd, Venus etc.


Cybersecurity Champion

Learn more about National Cyber Security Awareness Month in this feature blog


Exelon Diversity Award

Sath Inc's recognition of performing well in their IAM department.


2020 Solution Provider Award

Sath was awarded in CIO Review as 2020 Solution Provider


Sath makes Inc. 5000 List

Sath Inc was featured in the Inc 5000 List. Read about it in more details


Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

We built our business on quality communication, and strong relationships. Listed below are a few of companies in our portfolio.

1. McDonalds.svg
2. Abercombie.svg
3. Xerox.svg
6. Lowe's.svg
5. Huntington.svg
4. Exelon.svg
7. FHL Banks.svg
8. State of Louisiana.svg
10. Wheaton Franciscan.svg
9. Trinity.svg
12. Air Liquide.svg
11. Mc Dermott.svg


Trusted across Industries

Our presence is not limited to the cybersecurity space. We have catered to companies in diverse sectors like healthcare, energy etc. Some of those are listed below

Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-00.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-26.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-25-46.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-12.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-07.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-25-41.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-25-56.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-21.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-25-51.png
Screenshot from 2023-05-31 18-26-16.png


IDHub News


Atlassian Team 23 Las Vegas

IDHub was showcased in Atlassian Conference '23


SalesForce Connections 2023

IDHub was showcased at Salesforce Conference 2023.


Zero Trust and PAM Discussion

View the discussion & much more on IDHub with experts.


Identiverse Conference 2022

IDHub was showcased at Identiverse Conference in Denver, Colorado


Gartner IAM Summit 2022

IDHub showcased at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit at Las Vegas, NV


Gartner Security Summit 2021

IDHub showcased at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit


Cybersecurity Summit – 2022

IDHub showcased at Cyber Security Summit in 2022 across multiple locations


Chicagoland IAM Users Group

Sath Inc meets every month with IAM aficionados and are part of Chicagoland IAM User Group


TechCrunch SaaS 2021

IDHub featured in Tech Crunch TC Sessions SAAS on Oct, 27 2021. Read more on the session.


Cloud Native Part 1 – Webinar

IDHub showcased in Kuppingercole Euopean Identity and Cloud Conference 2021


Cyber Security Summit 2021

IDHub showcased in the Cyber Security Summit 2021 with Department of Justice and others.


An Interview With Arun Binaykia

IDHub organized interview with Arun Binyakia (CEO at Sath Inc). Read the blog for more information.


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  • Right Access For Right People To Right Systems® is a registered trademark.

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IDHub By Sath

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