Heathcare Identity Management

Reduce IT burden and increase efficiencies within your hospital or healthcare identity management program through IDHub lightning fast identity security.

Modernize your healthcare identity security program.

IAM for Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are struggling to quickly enable their staff while securing against targeted cyber attacks.

Organizations need to find ways to reduce their risk and simplify meeting complex compliance requirements. Healthcare identity management is no small task and cannot be handled through manual processes. Healthcare is uniquely challenged with securing individuals with one-to-many roles with multiple authoritative sources within complex user populations.

However, healthcare organizations can increase their security posture and gain operational efficiencies through AI-driven identity security.

What you can do?

  • Assign only the right level of access
  • Prevent friction between clinicians and IT security staff
  • Reduce IT burden managing manual tasks
  • Simplify audit readiness and easily demonstrate compliance

Grant Secure Access Automatically


Rapidly provision access

Securely enable clinicians and staff to be productive from Day 1 .


Reduce IT burden & increase efficiencies

Reduce the strain on IT by automating manual processes. Efficiently onboard and offboard staff through automation and machine learning.


Govern non-employee access

Track affiliated physicians, travel nurses and other users’ access and activity. Govern the right level of access for the right amount of time.

Integrate with Healthcare Applications



Learn how to automate Epic EMP (Employees) and Epic SER (Schedulable Epic Resource) provisioning.



Allow consistent enforcement of access and corporate compliance policies across Cerner EHR.



Provide deep integration to govern identities with management of Accounts and Roles.

Identity and Access Management

Healthcare IAM


Healthcare IAM

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