Service Requests

Customizable Service Requests allow you to create, organize, document, and complete in-office tasks, equipment or maintenance requests, or any Service that needs to be performed.


What are Service Requests?

IDHub Service Requests are used for managing IT and operational related services for anything from providing new computer hardware, devices, or tasks that need to be completed such as installing a new standing desk.


Service Requests assist organizations to facilitate tangible and intangible services, as well as standardize operational processes and provide detailed tracking related to those requests.


System administrators have permissions to create any type of Service Request needed within their organization. Listed below are several examples of different Service Requests.

Service Request Examples

  • Document Creation
  • Printing
  • Simple Graphics
  • Promotional Materials
  • Policy Document Update
  • Time-Sheet Update
  • Create a User
  • Modify a User
  • Terminate a User
  • Lock Account
  • Password Resets
  • Maintenance
  • Travel & Accommodations
  • User Account Modifications
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Equipment
  • Device Request
  • Safety Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Complaints
  • Access Badges, Fobs, or Keys
  • In-House Requests (i.e. mailing, printing)
  • Any Custom Request Needed
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Service Request out of box

OOB Service Requests

IDHub offers a few out-of-the-box service requests, mostly related to the user lifecycle and time based requests.

  • Create New User
  • Disable/Enable User
  • Modify User
  • Remove User
  • Time Based Request
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Service Request Process

Listed below are the steps taken from new creation to approval.

  • A system administrator creates a new requestable Service Request.
  • Users are now able to request for it from the Search Catalog page.
  • A user requests for the new Service Request.
  • A task is generated and assigned to the approver configured in the workflow.
  • The approver(s) completes the task, by either approving or denying.
  • The user who requested can track their request and will be notified when the request is complete.

Service Request Approvals

Every IDHub resource, whether it’s a Service Request, Application, Entitlement, Permission, or Role, follows a specific approval process, known as the Approval Workflow.


IDHub provides many out-of-the-box Workflows, and also has the capability to create any Custom Workflow imaginable.


Workflows can automated the provisioning of resources to user accounts, using connectors.

Forms for Services

When creating a new Service Request, Custom Forms can be used in conjunction with the Service. The Forms are used to collect all the information needed, in the required format, at the time of the request.

Forms are attached to the Service, requiring the user to complete the form as part of the request process.

The approver will determine whether or not to approve each request, based on the information provided in the Form.


Free IDHub Workflows Guide

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