Single Pane of Glass

Simplify identity and access control effortlessly with our IAM solution's Single Pane of Glass interface. Experience streamlined administration, enhanced security, and comprehensive visibility in one unified dashboard. Elevate your management experience – all at your fingertips.


Single Pane of Glass Meaning

In Identity and Access Management (IAM), a "single pane of glass" refers to a unified and centralized interface that provides administrators with a comprehensive view and control over various aspects of identity and access within an organization.

It aims to consolidate and simplify management tasks, allowing administrators to oversee user identities, access permissions, and security policies from a single, cohesive dashboard.

This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, reduces complexity, and improves the overall management of identity and access across an organization's IT infrastructure.

IDHub Single Pane Of Glass

IDHub offers two tool modules, located on the dashboard for a single pane of glass view.

  • User Tools Module - accessible to all IDHub Users
  • Administrator Tools Module - only accessible to users assigned the Role "System Administrator" or “Access Manager”

In this image we can see the dashboard of a System Admin, who has access to Admin and User Modules.

A user without admin permissions, will not have access to Admin Tools.


Central Resource Catalog

IDHub displays all requestable resources, from different Identity Management Systems, on one central place, called the Search Catalog page.

Use Roles to assign specific security permissions, which limit user access to only what they need for their specific job.

A single pane of glass system with Single Sign-On capabilities is part of a perfect Identity and Access Management System.

IDHub is unique in this way, offering a single pane of glass, and single sign-on capabilities, by using the SSO function with the Keycloak App.

Organizations with IDHub can eliminate the need for multiple passwords, allowing for single login for all users, to all connected.

If a User is logged into IDHub, authentication will happen automatically.

Multiple Identity Systems In One

IDHub provides organizations with the unique feature of using IDHub in conjunction with other Identity Systems, helping many clients avoid multi-year expensive projects, save time and money, and use all available resources effectively.

Available Features:

Organizations use IDHub seamlessly across migration and up-gradation periods.

Existing legacy system?

For organizations using an existing IDM legacy system, IDHub provides a platform which allows the organization to use the existing system, with newer, user-friendly interfaces, to perform all existing IDM functions.

What do you get?

  • Better Visualizations
  • Ease of Use
  • No Changes in Existing IDM System


Simple On/Off Switch

IDHub single pane of glass provides an easy On-Off switch for organizations.

What does that mean?

  • After the migration is complete, IDHub allows you to switch off the older IDM system for end-users and administrators alike, as it serves its purpose.
  • After upgrading is complete, older IDM versions may not be of any use.

Therefore, IDHub provides a hassle-free platform for your use with any Identity Management Systems.

With IDHub we can extend the investments made on our legacy systems and roll out a modern IDM system. Arun Binaykia

Automate tasks and save IT time.