Frontend Software Engineer

Type - Passive Opening, Submit your resume for future consideration

Job Description

This is a remote position.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Develop, maintain and support various Web Portals/Applications
  2. Develop visually appealing mockups and design web applications and mobile apps(low-end and high-end mockup designs)
  3. Design and maintain detailed user-interface specifications/Create user-centric designs
  4. Responsible for visual design and HTML/CSS template
  5. Coordinate with the development team with regards to design related jquery and javascript
  6. Troubleshooting, bug fixing, fixing design related issues, coordinating with the development team to improve code stability and reusability.
  7. Work closely with development team to ensure correct styling is implemented in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Smarty template engine and Java
  8. Creating responsive templates using modern CSS techniques and JavaScript libraries.
  9. Capturing the best development practices in a way of common coding standards resulting in improving code stability and shared components reusability
  10. Implementing web applications using UI technologies from scratch.


Required Knowledge & Experience

  1. Worked minimum of 2yrs as a frontend developer to develop web services.
  2. Good skills into - HTML, CSS, Javascript, jquery, Ajax, Oracle database,SQL, MongoDB, Bootstrap, WordPress, Photoshop, Angular,Reactjs, Rest, Python, Github